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Frequently asked questions

What is my Deposit for?

Mister Twister Requires a non-refundable 50% deposit paid upon securing your calendar date for your event. This deposit blocks off that date on our calendar making sure that there is nothing in the way of making your event the absolute BEST! The 50% balance is due upon completion of the event.

Can I book a party with just Balloon Twisting or just Face Painting?

Sure! Our rates are given on a person to person basis, based on location, event length and special requests.


Pricing varies for each event. Please give us a call to discuss your event so that we can figure out how to best serve you!


Mister Twister was born and raised in Alabama, a good ole' country boy and has been entertaining the masses for over two decades. Missy Twisty is a city girl from Miami, FL and their paths did not cross until knee deep in the Corona Pandemic! Missy was living in Georgia with her parents and had all but given up on finding her match. In a last stitch effort to find true love, she signed up for eharmony. After a few short weeks, a romance blossomed... Mister Twister being a Master Balloon Artist and Missy Twisty a long time artist and face painter extraordinaire, knew that God had brought them together to entertain and captivate audiences everywhere! Joining forces meant relocating Missy and her 3 youngest children to Alabama where their amazing journey began. Combining households they are quite the modern day "Brady Bunch". Together they have 6 children; 3 boys and 1 girl living under one roof (Missy has 2 grown children that still live in Georgia). They have dazzled and delighted children and adults alike at parties, Grand Opening Events and Holiday Festivals. This merry band of entertainers can be spotted all over Alabama and even Georgia from time to time. We are very family oriented and believe that every moment is to be celebrated and developed to it's fullest potential. Creating memories is what this family is all about...